The outdoor Wi-Fi AP delivers reliable, secure P2P capacity in a variety of frequency bands. It is optimized for rate, reach, reliability and throughput. With high transmission power and high gain antennas, it can produce powerful and stable signal to extends wireless coverage over a large area.

It uses security and authentication connections to provide users and guests as wireless nodes. They can be used in P2P and PMP configurations. For large outdoor environments, wireless networks are provided without wiring.

Outdoor: 5GHz 2x2+2x2 802.11a/n/ac wave-2



    • 4 ports 2x2+2x2 5GHz 802.11a/n/ac wave-2
    • Supports MU-MIMO
    • 1 port giga-LAN with PoE PD input
    • 802.3af PoE PD input
    • Maximum combined output power greater then 24dBm in each band
    • Industry grade operation temperature


    Hardware Specification

    • 1 port RJ45
    • 1x reset button
    • IP67
    • 4 ports SMA connectors for external antenna connection

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