Short Range IoT


Following protocols are defined as short range IoT technology and product since the operation distance is no longer than 100 meters.
ZigBee/Thread, BT/BLE, Z-wave, DECT-ULE, NFC and Wi-Fi


    Thread Communication Module:
    Thread Border Router:
    As a smart light solution and based on Thread, the communication module can be controlled by Border Router to control the On/Off dimming of the LED. Each set can control over 128 nodes.

    IoT Hub:
    Integrate all the known IoT technology, including the ZigBee, BLE, Z-wave, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Cat-M, NB-IoT. The IoT hub can control all type of IoT devices all around you.

    Sports Tracker:
    Shockproof and waterproof tracker with high-sensitivity GPS inside, to log the athletes activities while game plays, Provide the view of God like to analyze, and benchmark every game.

    Wireless Intercom Keypad :
    Go with DECT-ULE or ZigBee, the Intercom co-works with IP-Camera or middle range IoT LoRa to provide Intercom controller for Door Control Access.

    Wi-Fi IP Camera:
    IP-Camera used on home surveillance with 720P live stream video for maximum home security.


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