G.fast DPU / CPE

G.fast is the latest copper access technology that adopts wider signal frequency span, time-division multiplexing and vectoring to achieve multi-gigabit throughput over telephone wires or coaxial cable line. XAVi provides its G.fast product family to fulfill the demand to bring light speed broadband service to premises via existing last mile and fiber to the distribution point installation. Reverse power feeding customer’s premise is offered as option to address the powering difficulty in FTTdp deployment scenario.

G.fast 212 single port DPU

This compact DPU product family brings light speed broadband service to premises via G.fast over copper last mile.

G.fast 106/212 CPE

This CPE family includes compact and high performance G.fast to Gigabit Ethernet bridge modems for FTTB or FTTdp application.


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