As the amazing Internet application burst out all the time, the request for bandwidth increasing never stops. Decades ago, a MP3/AAC or an AVI file may be the mainstream for end user’s choice. Now, 2K/4K video streaming and realtime home security surveillance all request fast and faster access. Fiber, previously used as the backbone of data network, now has reached to customer's premise within variety of Broadband Access Network. There are two major solutions for fiber in Broadband Access Network: Active Ethernet and PON.

Active Ethernet

Active Ethernet, also known as P2P topology where each device is connected to a dedicated port on a central switch, provides a long-distance and directly connected link to enable dedicated bandwidth on a future-proof fiber infrastructure. In P2P solution, with truly exclusive bandwidth, users can easily enjoy all the Internet services with guaranteed quality.


Passive Optical Network (PON), based on P2MP (Point to Multiple Points), is the most popular technology for large scale fiber access installation.


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