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Company Profile

Dedicated service has always been our objective, and we will provide you with the best quality assurance.

XAVi Technologies Corporation is a professional leading supplier for high-speed fiber-optic, digital subscriber line customer premise equipment, residential gateway and IP set-top box products. The company was established in 1997 at Sanchong City in Taipei County, and R&D center was set up in 1998 at Hsinchu City. Its manufacturing facility is located in Wujiang, China and has overseas office in San Jose, USA.

XAVi is committed to the development, production and marketing of broadband access, video over IP, wireless and Internet of Things products for a variety of customers like telecommunication companies, enterprise, small business, SOHO, family and general household networking users. With the devoted efforts of its exceptional engineers, XAVi becomes a successful networking and telecommunication equipment supplier in the world. Its technologies and products cover 10G PON, GPON, Gigabit Ethernet,, ADSL/VDSL, PLC, Wi-Fi, wireless, IP & OTT STB and IoT products dedicated to provide high-speed networking and multimedia network integrated solution to end customers. In order to continuously provide users with cutting-edge features in high-speed networking products, XAVi invests substantial resources to strengthen research and development department. Dedicate to create win-win situation with its strategic vendors and customers.

XAVi is pursuing the ultimate goal of fulfilling each customer's requirements and demands for seeking the highest quality. Through strategic alliance with world's leading chip vendors; the company provides product design for high-speed networking service, as well as manufacturing services (EMS/ OEM / ODM) to telecommunication companies and network service providers all over the world. Its businesses are widely distributed throughout Europe, North America, China, CALA, Australia and Japan. At XAVi, quality enforcement is a decades-long tradition of zero defect. We pay extra care in every step of the product cycle, from design, manufacturing, delivery to after sales service because we believe to prevent is smarter than to cure.

Development Milestones

See how Chicony/XAVi Group evolved into a manufacturing leader and we are happy to lead the way.


Move headquarter to Chicony's Green high-rise building


Develop GPON HGU

Develop CPE and DPU

Develop IoT Gateway, ZigBee/BLE wireless modules


GPON Mini-ONT ready for production

Develop OSGi platform for Smart Home Applications


Deliver GPON product

Provide STB manufacturing service


GPON outdoor ONT ready for production


ADSL2+ VoIP IAD ready for production

Introducing Wireless product line "X-Wave Series" in CeBIT Hannover

Develop VDSL2 (100M/100M) CPE

Officially release Home Plug product line "XP Series"


Establish Wu-Jiang whole new plant at Suzhou China, and start mass production

Reveal Digital Home Application combining Set-Top Box and Wireless Gateway at CeBIT Hannover

X7768r ADSL Wireless Router pass Wi-Fi certification process


Accomplish VoIP IAD model integrated with ADSL and SHDSL function

Launch Gateway with VPN ability and MTU product for residential user

Merge into Chicony Business Group to reach worldwide logistic service


Launch IP-based VDSL

Launch ADSL Wireless LAN Access Gateway

Launch VoIP IAD over ADSL & SHDSL


IAD Field Trial in HKT PCCW and Hanaro, Korea

Launch SHDSL T1/E1 G.703 DSU


ADSL modem Mass Production

Mass deliver ADSL modem to HK Telecom

Launch SHDSL/HDSL2 ATM Bridge/Router

Launch ADSL Multi-mode/Multi-access CPE

Launch IAD over G.SHDSL & ADSL



Co-market with Lucent's Stinger

Launch ADSL Bridge/Router


Set up Hsin-Chu R&D Center at ITRI

SDSL 1168 Series Mass Production

In alliance with Lucent and works as its global CPE partner


Company established in Taipei County


Business Philosophy

We want to become your strategic partner and grow along with you.



X Connectivity = Cross Connectivity互聯網路


Artificial Intelligence人工智慧




IoT = Internet of Things物聯網

Chicony Business Group

Vertical integration advantage allows us to provide one stop shop solution to our customers.


  • NoteBook
  • LCD PC
  • IA


  • xDSL RG
  • WLAN
  • IP STB
  • Smart IOT


  • DT Keybord
  • Mobile Keybord
  • Web Camera
  • Digital Camera
  • Camera Module
  • Mouse
  • Wifi Module

Chicony Power

  • DT Power
  • NB Adaptor
  • Server Power
  • LCD TV Power
  • Game Power
  • Printer Power
  • LED Lighting


  • 3C Shopping Mall & Logistice

R&D Design Capabilities

  • Professional and experienced R&D team within the group
  • Early engagement for design & manufacturability
  • Lab, REL Chambers, Development tools & Simulation tools
  • Root cause analyzing capabilities
  • Advance Technology Center (ATC) focuses on technology beyond current business application & coming future platform
Standard Process Flow of Product Development
New Product Qualification by Phase

Professional Production Manufacturing

  • ISO9001, TL9000, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and QC080000
  • Range of production capability
    • COB Clean Room
    • Cell line
    • Plastic Injection/Painting
  • Automation Team
  • ORT Lab
  • RoHS Lab
SMT Line
  • Panasonic's high speed line, dual sides tracks
  • Automatic Solder Paste Inspection

Analysis Equipment (BGA machine, 3D X-Ray)
  • Automatic Testing with Robot and AOI system
  • Wi-Fi Tester (802.11ac dual or multi transceiver tester)

Mass Production Quality Certification

Certification to ensure best quality guarantee

Global Location


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