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2005   -Introducing new product line Wireless NetworkingĦ§Xwave SeriesĦ¨ at 2005 CeBit Hanover
      -Officially release Home Plug product line "XP Series"
2004     -Establish Wu-Jiang whole new plant at Suzhou China, and start to mass production
      -Reveal Digital Home Application combining Set-Top Box and Wireless Gateway at CeBit Hanover
      -X7768r ADSL Wireless Router pass Wi-Fi certification process
2003     -Accomplish VoIP IAD model integrated with ADSL and SHDAL function
      -Launch Gateway with VPN ability and MTU product for residential user
      -Merge into Chicony Business Group to reach worldwide logistic service
2002     - Launch IP-base VDSL
      - Launch ADSL Wireless LAN Access Gateway WAG
      - Launch VoIP IAD over ADSL & SHDSL
2001     - IAD Field Test in HKT PCCW
      - IAD Field Test in Hanaro, Korea
      - Launch SHDSL T1/E1 G.703 DSU
2000     - Mass deliver ADSL modem to HK Telecom
      - Launch SHDSL/HDSL2 ATM Bridge/Router
      - Launch ADSL Multi-mode/Multi-access CPE
      - Launch IAD over G.SHDSL & ADSL
1999     - Launch SDSL DSU
      - Co-market with Lucent's Stinger
      - Launch ADSL Bridge/Router
1998     - SDSL 1168 Series Mass Production
      - Set up Hsin-Chu R&D Center at ITRI
1997     - Company established