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X3102r is a 2-wire SHDSL CPE, which supports TC-PAM16 line code and complies with G.991.2 and G.994.1 standards. This router is equipped with an Ethernet switch with four 10/100Base-TX auto-sensing ports. X3102r SHDSL router provides a WAN port for Internet access over SHDSL, and IP sharing aand routing function via integarted Ethernet switch.

  • High speed symmetrical data transmission on one pair of twisted copper wire

  • PAM16 line code, complies with ITU-T G.991.2 and G.994.1 standards

  • Provides a broad range of symmetrical multi-rate data transmissions from 72 Kbps up to 2.3 Mbps

  • Support either Annex A or Annex B mode operation

  • Support wetting current ranging from 0.3 mA to 3 mA

  • One Ethernet switch with four 10/100 Mbps auto-sensing ports for PC or LAN connection

  • RFC2684 (RFC1483) Bridged/Routed for both LLC/VC MUX

  • Support PPPoE (RFC2516), PPPoA (RFC2364), and IPoA (RFC 2225/RFC1577) over ATM over SHDSL

  • DHCP server supported for easy LAN IP address management

  • Allows LAN users to access Internet through Network Address Translation (NAT, IP sharing) simultaneously

  • Local OAM&P through command line interface via RS-232 Craft port

  • Configuration and management by local Telnet, SNMP, and WEB Browser through the Ethernet interface, and remotely through SHDSL interface

  • Firmware upgradeable through TFTP