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The X7 and AR series are high-performance ADSL broadband gateways which are designed for different network environments to offer user the easy of use and feature-rich Internet surfing experience. With embedded IP sharing and firewall, secure broadband Internet access can be shared by users for enterprises, telecommuters, home, and remote office workers with high-speed data transmission requirement.

  • Multi-standard and multi-speed supported - both G.992 Annex A and Annex B standards are supported, and is able to provide downstream data rates up to 24 Mbps and upstream data rates up to 3 Mbps.

  • High interoperability - interoperates with all major ADSL DSLAM or multi-service access system.

  • Variety of LAN interfaces to suit your needs - the AR/X7 series ADSL broadband gateway offers a wide selection of one or four-port Ethernet switch with optional 802.11g Wi-Fi interface to adapt for different network environment.

  • Easy configuration and management - supports DSL forum TR-064 for local maintenance and TR-069 for remote management which will reduce operator's operational cost.
  • Build in an user-friendly web GUI which is easy for users to configure.

  • Advanced Quality of Service capability - supports variety of quality of service features such as 802.1p/Q, and IP QoS which enable you to deliver the performance level user demanded.

  • Secure your home - integrates firewall with state-of-the-art security features which keep your home safe from different kinds of attacks from the Internet.