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XAVi VoIP Series
XAVi Technologies Corp. is pleased to introduce its VoIP product series:

1) Complete product line including VoIP gateway, IAD (built-in ADSL2+), ATA (analog telephone adapter) -- All of these products have built-in the same voice DSP chip and SIP software stack. Customers don't need to test several times for different products. One-stop-shopping will save customer's effort on evaluation. Especially IAD become the trend gradually, and shall dominate the real deployed market in the future. XAVi stands on the trend and prepares to provide customers paths to this future.

2) Competitive price -- The solution we use is cost effective and price competitive. In fact, XAVi's IAD and VoIP gateway have replaced some markets of Cisco ATA and Linksys 3-ports VoIP gateway in Europe.

3) Excellent Customization Services -- Since the VoIP marketing is starting, to customize this kinds of product to meet requirement from different area is very important and necessary. The tunkey solution in cu